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Warrant for Lukashenko

Today the Ukraine  Gestapo put Lukashenko on their wanted list. The media report that the SBU or the Ukraine’s Security Service issued an arrest warrant

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Nuclear trap

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: “The US response to Russia’s use of nuclear weapons in Ukraiwill not depend on whether they are used on

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Who is Putin?

Who is Vladimir Putin? A Russian nationalist? A bloodthirsty tyrant? A humble KGB operative who climbed into a place well above his rank? A deranged

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Yet Another Hoax from the Guardian

According to the Guardian: Russian’s new military commander in Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin, warns, “An empire of n”*iggers, Jews and homosexuals are converging against Holy Russia,”

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Ephemeral vs Real Strikes

  It seems that President Putin has finally allowed the military to carry out some meek strikes against Russian-built infrastructure that the NATO puppet regime

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Свободу Стрелкову!